~ About Me ~ 

Me in NewYork

I’ve always loved photography, and my Nikon D60 goes everywhere with me! When I’m not out taking photos I’m usually doing something science-based. I started out with a career in Astrophysics, first with Physics degree at Exeter and then a PhD in Astrophysics at Oxford. Afterwards I moved to Israel and spent an amazing year as a postdoc researcher at Tel Aviv University, and I’m now back in the UK having made the transition from academia to business modelling.

I’ve been very fortunate to visit some incredible places around the world, mostly through work (e.g. telescope visits and conferences) and I hope to visit many more countries in the future – there’s still so much to see!

For more details of my other areas of work, please see:

LinkedIn  ~  Twitter  ~  Published Astrophysics Papers

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